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Live Q&A Session
with Kim Barthel

Psycho-Sensory Intervention: Trauma-Informed Practice

Rock Balancing

Continue the momentum of shared learning with Kim Barthel. 

This session will benefit previous attendees of the Trauma Informed Practice course.

Consolidate your learning and further develop your
clinical reasoning skills.

Connect with our learning community - Australia and beyond...

With the release of the online 'learn at your own pace' course - Trauma Informed Practice, we are excited to offer a follow-up live online Q&A session with Kim Barthel.

This session is an opportunity to connect with our learning community of like minded professionals. Shared learning and reflection is a unique way to increase local professional collaboration. Participants can practice and experiment with newly learned concepts, and bring questions, thoughts and ideas to Kim and the learning community. 

We look forward to participating in the next Q&A session with you so you can continue the momentum of shared learning with Kim. 


Presented by Kim Barthel


Saturday 2nd April 2022

10:30am to 12pm (Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT)
=  Friday 1st April @ 4:30pm to 6pm   Pacific Time (PDT)


Are you a past participant of 'Trauma Informed Practice' course?

Reconnect with Kim Barthel and other course participants.

CAD $30 attendance fee per session
AUD $32 attendance fee  per session (approx)

Attendance at one 90 minute live session and recording available for 60 days.


Are you a current participant of the TiP online course?

Complimentary attendance
There is no need to register, you should have automatically received an email inviting you to join the Q&A session on the 2nd April at no cost.

Please get in touch if you have any questions

What to expect from a Q&A session with Kim Barthel...
  • These sessions can support your ongoing clinical work and help you embed new learning.

  • These sessions will provide supported learning experiences that will grow organically based on questions received from the learning community.  

  • Create the opportunity to build a resilient and connected learning community with like minded professionals. Shared learning and reflection is a unique way to increase collaboration between clinicians.

what to expect from a CoP
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