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17th / 18th / 19th
November 2023

Kim Barthel

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Join us for a 2 day or 3 day unique learning opportunity tailored to the Australian community. 

Becoming a Behavioural Detective: Understanding & Supporting Challenging Behaviour is Kim's most popular course around the world!

​There is always a reason for the behaviour. Through holistic clinical reasoning, participants will seek to understand why people do the things they do, and develop their intervention skills.



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Kim Barthel is a world-renowned speaker, teacher, occupational therapist and author.

Areas she studies and teaches include, complex behaviour, neurobiology, sensory-processing, movement, trauma informed practice, attachment theory, mental health, and anything that will support people in being their best selves.

She is a pioneer in reinforcing the importance of relationship and is known for her unique teaching style, blending the latest developments in neuroscience with storytelling, meaningful examples and reflection. She will leave you deeply reflecting on yourself and your practice, curious and inspired!

Learn more about Kim and her background in a series of short interviews with Lisa Catania from Be & Belong.

Kim Barthel


HOSTED BY  Be and Belong

Lisa, Tina and Linda are sisters. Be and Belong came to fruition when we were meeting for sister dinners in between balancing life, family, parenting, and work. We shared ideas, explored and reflected on our parenting and professional experience, and decided we wanted to bring our complimentary skills together.

Lisa is a Clinical Psychologist, Tina is an Occupational Therapist, and Linda is an Information Architect. Together we have co-created Be and Belong. Our aim is to create learning opportunities, experiences, and products that encourage curiosity, deeper connections, meaningful relationships, and a sense of belonging.

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